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Technical Staff

Noel Couch, Mgr

Technical Services

Sew from the Heart is pleased to be able to provide the following services to you, our customers:
    • Machine Repair
      • Factory trained in Bernina Machines and Sergers
      • Trained in Handi Quilter
      • Experienced service on all brands of sewing machines and sergers.
    • Scissors sharpening

Technical Repair Rate Schedule


Clean / Oil / Adjust:
  • Most Electronic/Computerized Sewing Machines/Sergers...$110.00
  • Mechanical Sewing Machines / Sergers...................................$90.00
  • Embroidery Modules*...................................................................$30.00
*Both Sewing Machine and Embroidery Module are needed for module service.

Bench Charge/Hourly Labor Rate..........................$65.00

Scissors Sharpening...................................................$10.00


Service Descriptions:

Clean / Oil / Adjust (COA): Includes removal of covers, blow-out, complete lubrication, re-setting tensions, any other minor adjustments, cleaning and complete testing. Any major adjustments or part installation will be billed at the hourly labor rate. There may be a charge to diagnose machine problems. 


Bench Charge/Hourly Labor Charge: Typically charged for replacement of parts, or work provided outside of a COA. We are happy to provide free estimates.


Service Warranty:

Sew from the Heart is an authorized Bernina Service Dealership. Our staff is trained and certified through Bernina of America, Inc. Sew from the Heart guarantees only that the parts installed by us will perform satisfactorily under conditions of normal usage for a period of ninety days after date of repair. See our SFTH Repair ticket for complete service warranty.  

Proper care and feeding of Bernina Bobbin Areas

Bernina 830 Needle Threading Video

Tech Tips

  1. Change your needle: a dull or bent needle can cause skipped stitches, tearing of your fabric, and damage to the machine.
  2. Remove the needle plate and clean and oil the bobbin area: lint can hinder the movement of parts in the machine and will soak up oil which can dry out metal parts. Without proper oiling the parts can be damaged by the heat and friction of metal parts rubbing together.
  3. If you ever get a “birds nest” on the back of your fabric rethread the machine: about 90% of the time this happens the top thread has either missed the tension disks or the take up lever. Remember always thread your machine with the presser foot up.
  4. Check the bobbin and be sure the bobbin case is correctly threaded. Be sure the bobbin is in the bobbin case in the correct direction. With Bernina machines and most front loading machines the bobbin should spin clockwise in the bobbin case while facing the back of the bobbin case.
  5. Always watch for bobbin wear or a bent bobbin: this can cause the bobbin to catch on the bobbin case causing tension issues or broken thread. Be sure it is the correct bobbin for the machine. The wrong bobbin could be a slightly different size and either hang up in the bobbin case or wobble and changes the tension.
  6. Always use the “write to machine” to send designs to the usb stick.
  7. Susie does not let me embroider, but she does have me cut out the jump stitches. I do use a magnifying glass, but picking up the small pieces of thread was a real problem, until I got out the trusty lint roller, it really does the trick.
  8. If your Bernina Embroidery Software starts acting silly, try REVERT before you start uninstalling & reinstalling. First turn off your virus checker, (disconnect from the web/email) the go to START/ALL Programs/Bernina Embroidery, Art Design or ArtLink/Revert/check defaults & templates/check ok. your software just might open after that. Call Hank for instructions for changing your anti-virus software.
  9. Service Pack 1 for Art Design V1.0: There is a service pack available for Art Design 1.0. Click here
  10. Installing Version 6.0: Anytime you purchase software from Sew from the Heart, Hank will install it in the store at no cost to you. Should you elect to install your own Version 6 or update to V6.0 please follow this recommendation; disable both your firewall as well as any virus prevention software prior to installing either the V6.0 update of stand alone programs, and enable it at the completion of the install.
  11. Version 6 Floriani Thread Chart: Send me a note & I will send you the file & instructions to install this file to your new Version 6 Bernina Embroidery Software.  hank@sewfromtheheart.com This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  12. Bernina 820/830 videos: Visit this site to view some exceptional videos of threading the New Bernina top of the line machines, click here.

  13. The factory has started putting the oil that comes in the 830 into some of the other machines accessory bags. This oil can be used on all machines, however the previous rotary oil cannot be used on the 830.

  14. Corel Draw: If you encounter a problem with Corel Draw within the Bernina Embroidery Software, V6, the best place to find help with that portion of the application is www.corel.com/support. Enter any error codes or the problems you encountered in the Search box & you will receive appropriate guidance. Thanks to Lynn Keniston for this tip.

  15. Christmas time brings special projects with lots of metalic thread use. To insure your

    successful project completion:

    1. Use a metalic or top stitch needle of the proper size.

    2. Lower the top tension slightly.

    3. Use a smooth thread in the bobbin, for example Superior Bottom Line.

    If you encounter thread breakage:

    4. Try using a needle one size larger, this provides you with a larger eye in the needle.

    5. Apply a bead of Sewers Aid to your top spool of thread.

    Thanks to Judy Danz for this weeks tip.

  16. Firmware update:

    V31.29.40 for Bernina 820 is available for registered users on


    V31.29.41 for the 830 and V5.00 for artista 730/200 are available through Sew from the Heart Technical

    Services. Your machine will be updated during regular service.  It is only required for 730/200 customers who want to use the new Bernina Cutwork Software. Call Noel or Rick.

  17. Bernina Embroidery Software 6 runs under Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional & Ultimate. It will run under both 32 & 64 bit operating system variants. Please make sure your computer has the recommended system requirements for Windows 7. Click here for system requirements.
  18. ArtLink V5 is not supported by Windows 7.

  19. Sewing with Monofilament on the 830/820: If you are encountering problems sewing with monofilament or specialty threads, click the following link for answers: click here   Also, be sure you have the udpate kit provided by Bernina.  See the techical staff if you have not received your kit.

  20. Windows 7, 64 bit, & Bernina Emboidery Software Version 6: Although Windows 7 operating system is compatible with Version 6, an incorrect security device (dongle) driver will load during installation. To correct this problem you must interrupt the installation program & install the proper driver. The driver is available on the internet. Contact Hank for help if you encounter this problem.

  21. Windows 7 with BERNINA 200/370: To enable the artista 200/730 to be connected with a Windows 7 operating system:

    the artista 200/730 requires firmware v4.06 or higher.

    The Windows Mobile Device Center 6.1 (32 or 64 bit operating system) must be installed on the computer. Windows Mobile Device Center must be downloaded from the Microsoft Webpage & installed.

  22. New EConPC Rel 3.1 for all users of BERNINA embroidery software V5 (BES V5) with an aurora sewing-/embroidery system.

  23. If you decide to reinstall any of the Bernina Embroidery Software, please understand that you must also reinstall all service packs that apply to that program.

  24. We have the new Mastery Documents for Bernina Embroidery Software V6 & My Label. Please go hereThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to update your Mastery Series documents.

  25. Service Pack 1 to Bernina Embroidery Software Version 6. Click here to download & install.This service pack corrects a number of issues. Release notes are available as well as installation instructions. Please remove the dongle before installing the service pack. The service pack includes an additional language - German. You may well need to recalibrate your computer screen at the conclusion of the install. I recommend you also run the Revert program at the conclusion of the install if you have issues with default settings such as sounds, etc. After the install is complete, reinsert the dongle & wait until your receive the New Hanrdware Installed & Ready to USE message before opening the program. 

26.  Bernina released a firmware update for the 830/820 on May 27th, 2010. Noel has summarized the release notes for us. 820 users please ignore data concerning embroidery. Release notes:

*The stitch pattern formation of stitch no. 4 has been enhanced.

*If the automatic needle threader jams during the threading process a message appears on the screen that prompts the user to take action. This message indicates that the threader should be moved to the front of the needle. While this is being accomplished remember, the hand wheel must not be rotated. Afterwards select the green check mark for confirmation, the threader returns automatically to the proper threading position

*It is no longer possible for presser foot no. 4 to be over sewn with a far left or right hand needle position.

*It is now possible to adjust the stitch length and width while sewing. Changes are visible on the Stitch Altering Area.

*When working with special needles (e.g. twin or triple needles), the speed acceleration is more gradual and increases to the maximum speed of 800 RPM.

*Securing stitches can now be switched off permanently at the beginning of a stitch from the set up menu.

*It is possible to disable:
• Upper thread monitor
• Bobbin thread monitor
• Tension monitor

*While sewing a buttonhole if the sewer pauses before the automatic buttonhole is completed, the presser foot will be lifted and the slide moved to front preventing the buttonhole from stitching properly.
A solution to this exceptional case has been found:
When using the automatic buttonhole foot 3A, «Needle stop down» and «Hover position of presser foot» are inactive.
The advantage is that when stopping during sewing the slide won't move backwards and lose its sewing position.
The presser foot must be lifted via the «Presser foot position» button.

*Altered presser foot pressure settings are now saved in the Personal Program.

*Due to the special design properties of the Cutwork Designs the mirroring functions up/down and left/right are not active.
The multifunctional knob for rotating designs is also not active.

*With this release, it is possible to adjust the embroidery speed for all the BERNINA hoops that can be selected in the display. The optimum embroidery speed is pre-programmed as standard and indicated with the tortoise symbol.

*Fabric thicknesses between 4.0 mm and 10.0 mm can now be selected. The setting is temporary. The speed is adjusted to the fabric thickness.

*The securing stitches can now be switched off permanently at the beginning of a motif.

27. Service Pack 1 to Bernina Embroidery Software V6: If you installed Service Pack and you selected the additional languages box, you probably discovered your software was in German. To correct this issue Select: