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9180 E Indian Bend Road, Scottsdale,
AZ 85250 in the Pavilions at Talking Stick

Susie Parker, Owner

Sewing and hand crafts have fascinated me since I was a little girl. My grandmother could needlepoint, knit and hand-embroider. She even darned our socks! I started sewing clothes when my mother received a Singer sewing machine from my grandmother. I was about 8 years old.

My sewing skills have been honed through my Home Economics degree program at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California, sewing for my family, teaching classes at sewing machine dealers and finally in my career at BERNINA of America, as a national educator and district sales manager. The singularly best part of sewing is to always be learning. A creative endeavor is always in the process and is only limited by the imagination!

Sew from the Heart has been a vision of mine for many years. Combining my love for textiles and creative sewing with a passion for people is the essence of Sew from the Heart. I am happiest when a customer comes in for help, even with the basics and leaves with the confidence and excitement to complete the project. Or, when one of our most seasoned customers learns something new and is excited about trying a new technique or a project “out of her box”.  Inspiration and loving support is what Sew from the Heart is all about!

Now I mostly sew “vicariously” through our wonderful customers and inspiring staff and educators. I hope you can visit our wonderful shop and see first-hand our passion for “sewing for the love of it!”

Hank Parker, CFO

I am the luckiest husband in the world. I am able to assist my wife in realizing her lifelong dreams. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be able to demonstrate a sewing machine, much less fix one, but that was what we needed so I learned how.

Most of my life has been misspent flying some of the most interesting airplanes ever invented; i.e., the F-16, A-7 & F-100. I finally got a real job in 1999 flying Boeing 737s & Airbus 320s for Frontier airlines, but alas I turned 60 and was forced to retire.

I must admit, I have never worked as hard as we do at Sew from the Heart. My job title now is Chief Financial Officer, and I run the bookkeeping systems, do most of our computer work as well as trouble- shoot customer software issues, oversee the technical department (which is self sufficient) and sell and repair an occasional sewing machine.

Cristi Koehne, Store Manager

I have been creative for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a small town in Kansas, where I learned how to sew. I recall helping my Mom make clothes for the porcelain dolls that she made, and sold in her gift shop.I also took a Home Ec. class in school and made a whole summer's worth of camp shorts. When I came to Arizona to attend a Graphic Design School, my Mom started working at a Quilt Shop...and I got bit by the quiltbug! Back into sewing! I came into Sew From the Heart, walked into the door and knew that  this is where I belonged. Everyone here is so friendly, and the teachers are so patient.

Sew From The Heart gives me inspiration to feed my passion for creativity!


Stella, Store Mascot

Hi, I’m Stella! Susie and Hank, now my mom and dad, adopted me on February 7th. They rescued me from a wonderful organization, New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue. As you might guess, I’m an Austrailian Cattle Dog!

Herding is in my genes and I am trying to learn not to herd our family here at Sew from the Heart. Some days that is a challenge, because people are all over the place! I love treats and my doggie bed in the office. And the staff and teachers here at Sew from the Heart threw a shower for me when my adoption became final. I received lots of fun stuff!

I’d love to meet you, especially if you bring doggie treats!